Carlos Lascano


 İspanya  Yönetmen
Doğum Tarihi:  1973 (46 yaşında)
Uyruğu:  İspanya
Etkin Yıllar:  2000 - Günümüz


Carlos Lascano is a multi-faceted artist who has successfully made incursions into various forms of art creation. Writer, director, animator, illustrator, painter and photographer, his ability to tell stories and his unique visual universe led him to devote himself entirely to filmmaking, as it allowed him to merge all different forms of expression.

In 1997, after graduating from Law School but still captivated by his artistic vocation, he founded his own production company, at the head of which he developed commercials for big, international companies. At the same time he wrote, produced and directed several personal projects, for which he won international recognition.

His original artwork, editing and animation directing of "The Legend of the Scarecrow" earned the short film over 20 awards worldwide, a selection to the 20th Goya Awards, and a pre-selection to the 2005 Oscars.

His unique aesthetic universe is characterized by the mixing of textures, a predominance of illustration and pictorial art, and the combination of those with the using of new technologies.

During the last years, his artistic activity has devoted successfully to animation: the massive spreading and transcendence of his latest works (both personal and commercial), have earned him worldwide repercussion and have turned him into a reference point in modern animation.

Carlos´ short film "A Short Love Story in Stop Motion" has achieved over 6 million views in less than two years, and has become a representative in current stop motion animation, appearing in over 690,000 sites on the internet.

Kaynak : Carlos Lascano

Yayın İzin Tarihi : 11/05/2016

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